Commercial Heating Inspection

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Heating Inspection

Cajun Air believes strongly in preventative maintenance for commercial heating needs. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in the commercial heating world. Our goal is to get the most out of your existing system, be proactive and save you downtime and money.

20 Point gas heat preventative maintenance inspection list

Check inducers draft motor.
Check ignition of the heater.
Check each cell for proper fire off.
Check heat exchanger for cracks or holes.
Check flame sensor safety switch.
Check rollout and safety switch.
Check the high limit safety switch.
Check rollout and safety switch.
Units with standing pilots will have all thermal couplings replaced each winter during inspection
Check supply fan motor amp draw.
Check gas pressures to the unit and/or a manifold (if applicable).

Check for vibration and wear of motor and blade.
Vacuum all cells to remove all rust and deposits.
Inspect all units for any potential combustible material near or on the unit.
Clean and clear flue vent is clogged.
Verify all fans operating properly.
Place the heating section into operation.
Check combustion efficiency (if possible).
Check the burner sequence of operation.
Measure temperature rises through the heating section of operation.
Check combustion blower assembly and clean if possible.

4 Point electric heat preventative maintenance inspection list

Inspect electrical connections and contacts.
Verify the operation of the Heating Elements.

Check and verify the operation of operating safety controls.
Measure voltage and amp draw of heating elements.