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Our journey so far

In the late 1990s, Jeff Potter — President of Cajun Air, Inc.— left his home state of Louisiana in search of a more lucrative job in the HVAC industry. While working for several companies along the way, he realized something was missing. That something was ethical behavior and quality customer service.

Having been raised in the Louisiana bayous by a close-knit family that instilled in him high moral values, Jeff found this lack of principles disturbing. In order to ‘be the change, they wanted to see’ in the HVAC industry, Jeff and his wife, Missy, launched their own company, Cajun Air.

They maintained their code of ethics and high standards of customer service — even during the years of growth, and embraced the ever-changing market and developing technology.

In 2012, Jeff and Missy went paperless, implemented digital support and product in all technician vans. Their forward-thinking business plan resulted in a more efficient and streamlined experience for their clientele. Cajun Air has also embraced the era of digital technology with cloud-based accounts for techs and clients, real-time GPS tracking with dispatching software, tech web access login, and remote office operations to virtual private network servers. In addition to being more efficient, this cutting-edge technology assists in safeguarding customer information.

Despite Jeff and Missy’s meticulous preparation, unforeseen circumstances arise that can throw a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans. One such circumstance was Missy’s Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis in late 2011.

It was a devastating blow to both Missy and Jeff, as well as to the entire company. But after two years, Missy decided to channel energy toward expanding the business that she so believed in. Her drive is evident throughout the company, inspiring all those who meet her.

Today, Cajun Air is a large supporter of the MS Society and continues to maintain high ethical standards, development and growth, and quality customer service.